Tekken 7

Turun taistelupelaajat ry and Grail Group are organizing Tekken 7 Finnish Championships for SEUL!




  • Send mail to t7esm2018@turpakellari.com, where is
    • your whole name
    • your gamer nick and
    • sports id number (for checking player license)
  • Registration ends on 15.10.2018 at 19.00.


The tournament is two-part. We divide the tournament according to the number of participants in the odds that allow a certain number of players to progress to the actual double elimination phaze. For example, if 32 players were in the tournament, we would make four blocks of 8, each of them 4 going to the top 16 tournament. The Qualifier is played with round robin format with BO3 wins, double elimination is played BO5 wins.

Tekken 7's age recommendation is 16, but otherwise anyone can take part in the tournament from skill level and whatever else. We strongly recommend that you bring your own PS4 controller even if it is on the spot if you need it.

More information and instructions can be found at Turpakellari's website (in Finnish).

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