Tickets 2018

Welcome to Grail Quest gaming festival! 

You can by tickets from the Ticketmaster web or from the door of the event. We recommend to buy tickets beforehand. You can find all the tickets from link below.

To Ticketmaster pages.

All the tickets include entrance to the festival that is held in Turku, Kupittaan Palloiluhalli at 18th to 20th of October. The event starts in thursday at noon. Participant have the opportunity to participate to tournaments, watch the program and to explore different forms of gaming.   

Kaikki liput sisältävät pääsyn Grail Quest pelifestareille, joka järjestetään Kupittaan Palloiluhallissa, Turussa 18.-20.10.2018, torstaina kello 12 alkaen. Kävijällä on mahdollisuus osallistua turnauksiin, seurata ohjelmaa sekä tutustua eri pelaamisen muotoihin. So you'll get a holistic experience in the field of gaming festiva.

The event is age-free, but we do not recommend that children under the age of 12 are coming without friends or parents. Children under the age of 10 can come free of charge with parents on a weekend or day trip. Age is checked at the door.

Visitor Tickets

If you come without a pc or console to experience the festivals, watch the esports and the program, the visitor ticket is a sufficient ticket for you. With a visitor ticket you are entitled to attend the event 24h / day, as well as the possibility of using the sleeping space.

  • DAY TICKET 11 €. - Access to the event at any day.
  • 3-DAY TICKET 22.5 €. Entrance for the entire event from Thursday to Saturday.

Machine tickets

  • includes a shared table seating in a 180cm x 70cm table
  • network connection
  • washing facilities
  • the opportunity to bring your own gaming seat
  • remember to take your own cables and power cords with you


  • ​​​​​​​LAN SEAT 53.50€. Early Bird price at the end of JULY, after that the price is 68.5€. Provides a selected LAN location from a lan area.
  • NEW! PC for a DAY 53.5€ / day. No more jumping with a pc. Book PC for a DAY and enjoy the lan atmosphere without the pain of carrying the machine.

All tickets include VAT. 10% and ticket handling handling fees.

Tickets can be found on Ticketmaster's page. The PC for a DAY Ticket can be found in the Day Ticket (päivälippu) -section.

The lan-seat ticket has access to the event on all three event days 18th-20th of October 2018. You can get in and tune your place on Thursday at 9 o'clock (doors open to others at 12 o'clock). You must leave on Sunday at 12 noon, ie Sunday night is still time to enjoy the lans.