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Grail Quest Super Smash Bros tournament

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Grail Quest gaming festival will feature tournaments in Super Smash Bros. for WiiU and Melee, hosted by Smash Finland ry. More info on the gaming festival can be found here



  • freeplay


  • 18:00 Melee singles and doubles


  • 10:00 WiiU doubles

  • 13:00 WiiU singles

please note that this schedule is not final and may be subject to changes


Those who attend Smash tournaments and register a week before the event will receive a discount on the venue fee. More information about the discount will be available soon.

tournament fees:

WiiU singles: 5€

WiiU doubles: 3€ per player

Melee singles: 5€

Melee doubles: 3€ per player

--Tournament organizers & contact information--

Schwa: Twitter: @schwaaaaa

Routa: Twitter: @miirouta

Join the Grail Quest server to discuss the event:

If you are interested in Smash tournaments in Finland, join the Smash Finland Discord server:

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