Participant's Guide

When you decide to attend the event, you have to choose what type of ticket you'll purchase. Basically the only difference between a visitors ticket and a LAN-ticket is that the LAN-ticket will grant you a table spot and a access to BYOC tournaments. More info about the different ticket types can be found here.

We highly recommend to print the ticket and take it with you so we can avoid running into some technical issues with the electronic tickets.


Find out beforehand are you going to sleep at the venue, in nearby hotels, or by someone around you in the Turku area. If you decide to sleep at the venue, make sure to bring your own mattress (MAX WIDTH 80CM).



Plan beforehand how are you travelling to and from the venue. If you come by your own car, you can find the car parks at Kupittaa Palloilluhalli. Parking lot is operated by Qpark.

Buses 221 and 60 cross between down town and Kupittaa. Further information and the Turku region public transport route guide can be found at

If you do not have a lot of stuff, you can also get to the venue by Föli city bike. Instructions can be found at Fillaripiste 27 (Datacity) is the one closest to the event.

If you are not locat and are planning to leave the event late in the evening, be sure to check in advance the timetables for public transport.

What to pack?

When planning the event weekend, it is good to make sure that all the necessary has been obtained well in advance of departure. Think carefully about what you need and what is extra, because everything you bring into the venue, you will also have to bring out when you leave. The following list of packaging is reasonable to apply according to your ticket type and the place of accommodation.

  • personal medicines
  • money for meals, transportation, and potential purchases
  • some snacks (mussels, nuts, salad, fruit)
  • water bottle
  • comfortable living clothes, warm cold storage, changing clothes


  • bed or air mattress (MAX. 80CM WIDTH)
  • toothbrush, toothpaste, detergent and towel
  • a couple of earmuffs for sleeping
  • flashlight for sleeping space


  • a computer or other video game console
  • display or tv
  • keyboard, mouse and mouse pad or other similar game controllers
  • headphones, microphone or headset
  • power cables and electric extension cable (0.5m or longer) with enough plugs for your use 15 METERS long network cable with RJ45 connectors
  • small tools for opening a computer or other console

If you have purchased a LAN-ticket, be sure to check out the LAN-guide aswell.